When to Consider Home Renovation 2020

By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago
Home Renovation

You love your home, it’s a space where you can relax, and get away, or just enjoy time with loved ones. We all want to ensure that our homes meet their full potential, and sometimes this includes renovating. All homes are in need of some remodelling from time to time, but you might not be sure what the warning signs that say you should start renovating.

Crumbling Roofs

A big part of your property's value is going to be situated in its curbside appeal. While a big yard, and a nice porch might speak volumes, they’ll be deafened if your roof is currently crumbling. Roofs generally don’t need to be shingled for quite a period of time after they’re done, but if your roof is crumbling, it might be time to call a contractor. While they might be a relatively large upfront expense that comes with roofing, you know your roof will be good for at least a decade. The amount of time a roof can last depends on the type of roofing that you use, and they all come with their pros and cons. Choose a roof type that works for you, and make your home look updated from the street. Sometimes small crumbling damage isn’t visible from far away and you may need to inspect your roof close-up to see if there is need for repairs.

Bathroom Dilemma


Bathrooms often can become a host to all sorts of problems, and this is why they’re a popular room for renovation. Bathrooms can become host to mold, or they can start to experience problems with the plumbing. If you’re experiencing lower than normal water pressure, discolored water, or you have a leaky faucet, you may want to give a plumber a call. It’s far better to use a contractor to get this sort of work done so that it’s completed correctly. Plumbing and HVAC contractors provided here, have been pre-screened to avoid any issues in services provided. You don’t want to be charged an unfair quote, or use a service that’s historically provided low quality work.

It’s Too Hot

Even if your home looks pristine and new on the inside, you won’t be able to enjoy it if you’re sweating a puddle. Many older homes aren’t equipped with their own air conditioning systems and lack a consistent air flow. When the summer humidity starts to hit, you might have wished you had renovated your air conditioning system. If you’re having a hard time putting up with the heat, it might be time to have an HVAC unit installed. They’re relatively easy to maintain and are a universally used system that helps keep houses cool. You will feel far more satisfied with the work you’ve done, if you’re able to take your mind off the heat. 

How Old Is The Carpet?

If you have absolutely no idea how old the carpet is in your house, you might want to change up the flooring. Carpet that’s used in high use rooms like the living space should be changed every ten years. Carpet that has been worn out is readily spotted with the naked eye, and it can be an eyesore. Hardwood floors have been in style for quite some time, and they’re a relatively easy installation. They’re also far easier to clean, and can be more hardy than carpet. If you have a dog present in your home, make sure you’re getting a scratch-resistant hardwood.

Heat Loss Through Windows

Many older homes may have windows that don’t have heat conservation in mind. If you live in an area with colder weather this is going to skyrocket your monthly heating bill. It might be worth looking into purchasing windows that are more thermal efficient and will reduce heat loss. This is an especially beneficial renovation if your windows were improperly insulated. If you’re finding yourself cold during the winter months, this is a great way to increase your level of comfort in your house. It’s best to have windows installed by a professional who will adhere to manufacturer based guidelines, this way your warranty will be in full effect.

The Walls Are In Poor Shape

Walls can take a brutal hit from years of wear and tear, and this is exceptionally true if you have children in the home. Most inside paint jobs should last between a half decade and a full decade, but kids can reduce this lifespan. If there are pressed spaces in the wall, you may want to get out the plaster and prime. This is a great home renovation project if you’re on a budget, because you likely won’t need to call a contractor to have your walls painted. It’s relatively easy to cover and fix small dents in the walls, but if you have large holes or damage you may want to call a contractor. Any substantial damage that isn’t replaced by new drywall may affect the structural integrity of any repairs, and end up costing you more in the long run.

You Want To Sell Your Home

Anytime you’re looking to sell a house, putting some money into renovations is never a bad idea. There’s almost always a return on your investment of funds that you’ve spent. It’s best to talk to a reality expert prior to making serious improvements on a house, sometimes location can affect property value and make a certain amount of work null. You do want to get the most out of your home’s value though, and doing some work to the property can increase its worth. 

If you’re planning to live in your current home for quite some time, there’s no reason you don’t want to make it the safest, and most comfortable place possible. Although spending money on contractors can seem expensive, in the long run it will make living in your house far more enjoyable. Some of the renovations that you complete may even reduce your monthly costs for the long term. Keep an eye on the warning signs that your house needs work, and when you should consider home renovation.

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