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By Ann Hills / a couple of years ago

Healthy living has always been a goal for most people, it’s one of the few things we can’t truly put a price on, so we try our hardest to ensure that we can feel and look the best we can. With that, health supplements and lifestyle trends have become one of the biggest markets in the world. It is understandable why we have made health products so highly coveted. It is in our nature to want to be our best. We do so through our diet, our exercise, lifestyle choices and the products we consume.

With the rise in health trends and supplements, innovative ideas have become more popular as companies, products and trends seek to set themselves apart from their competitors or try to push the health industry in fresh, new directions.

Let’s look at some of the innovative trends:

1. CBD/Marijuana

One of the biggest trends to change the health landscape was the skyrocket in popularity of CBD and marijuana related products. While the plant itself and the chemicals in the cannabis plant are nowhere near new, the way we have discovered the processes in which to utilize them for our benefit is certainly a very popular trend.

People have been inhaling THC and CBD for a long time, but it is now infinitely more socially acceptable to do so. CBD in particular has been extracted in various forms like tinctures, oils, and for edible purposes in baked goods. The same can be said about THC as well. The innovation to the health industry in creating a market for CBD has allowed for people to find a good, healthy alternative to traditional medicine and help aid them for their conditions.

2. Vitamin Patches

In the more literal sense, the invention of the vitamin patch has done wonders for the health industry and for people who are seeking an alternative to pills or capsules. What is a vitamin patch? It’s a common costume because most people do not even know that these exist! A vitamin patch is exactly what it sounds like. It is a patch that is applied to your skin and over a period of time it (up to 8 hours) releases whatever vitamin you so choose.

Vitamin patches also contain many other “cocktails,” an assortment of vitamins or supplements to help you get your needs. Some of the vitamin patches seen on PatchMD are useful for other purposes, like sleep, acne and general mood or well-being. The simple design of the vitamin patch makes it simple, small and easily usable for everyday life. This kind of innovation to such a typical supplement, the vitamin, is life changing for a lot of people. No more confusion about whether you missed taking your vitamins in the morning, it is easy to just slap one on your arm and go about your day. This level of innovation is what keeps driving the importance of the health industry forward. Small changes to the daily life in something as simple as the delivery method of vitamins can ensure people a more flexible schedule.

3. Personalized Health

Products like microbiome testing, gene testing and other tests are ways that the health industry has innovated in making health highly personalized to allow people to understand their bodies. The classic idea that going to the doctor can help you get an outlook on your health is still the best way to go about figuring out what kinds of things you need, your doctor does know you well. But what knows your body and health better? Your own body! Being able to check your genes and family history is not a supplement in the traditional sense, but it has the ability to tell you what your body needs most based on what possible deficiencies your genetics can spot.

These types of tests, like a microbiome test which finds out your stomachs health, are snapshots of how your body is doing. The fact that we have the technology to determine these specific health aspects of ourselves is a major game changer in the world of health. Like I said, if we know our history and the parts of our bodies down to the makeup of our DNA, we can figure out the needs we have and narrow them down into specific categories.

4. Organic Supplements

One of the most critically underrated innovations in health supplements is the introduction of organic or natural supplements. They aren’t the newest of innovations but they are some of the most consistent in terms of importance. Organic and natural supplements have allowed so many more people to benefit for healthy living because they can consume the nutrients or vitamins without worrying about complications. Knowing that dietary restrictions will not be infringed upon has always been a concern for many people who may have been dairy or gluten free, and now more popularly, vegetarian and gluten free too.

Organic/natural supplements are an excellent way to get kids involved in healthy lifestyle choices. It is not always easy to reach all of the requirements we have for nutrition, especially when we may not be able to consume certain products, but the push for more organic solutions is a big step forward to including everyone. Much of the history of healthcare is rooted in history and tradition. Some techniques have been passed down for years, and some products have been used for hundreds of years. What has changed is the innovation to how we can use these products.

Innovation in areas such as the administration or application of nutrients like vitamins have shown to present great benefits over traditional methods. Being able to put on a patch that can administer vitamins through topical methods would not be possible even just 20 years ago, but now we can even check our personal and familial gene histories to know what kinds of supplements we need. The past, present and future of health supplements and care are constantly in a balancing act with each other. Future health supplements may look or work much differently than what we currently use, but we can only hope they work even better.

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